Creating an Effective Green Cleaning Policy - Pt. 2

In our last post, Creating an Effective Green Cleaning Policy - Pt. 1, we reviewed the typical goals, roles and responsibilities as contained within many Green Cleaning Policies. In this week's installment we will discuss a few of the more operational aspects of a typical Policy.

Standard Operating Procedures
A typical Policy would contain procedural guidelines for the following:

Creating an Effective Green Cleaning Policy - Pt. 1

Does your cleaning operation have a "Green Cleaning" program? If so, is your green program supported by a Green Cleaning Policy? What are the typical components of such a policy? Green Cleaning Policies may vary a bit across different organizations; however, the most effective policies do share some common components and characteristics. In this article we will review the typical goals, and the description of roles and responsibilities, as contained within many Green Cleaning Policies.

The Advantages of CIMS Certification

In our last post, Is CIMS Right For Your Cleaning Operation, we touched on some of the advantages that a CIMS certification could bring to your cleaning operation. In this post we will provide some additional information and insights on the key advantages of CIMS Certification.

Improved Operational Efficiencies and Client Satisfaction
Whether you are a Building Service Contractor or an internal cleaning operation your ultimate objective is to satisfy your customers.

Is CIMS Certification Right For Your Cleaning Operation

Whether you are a Building Service Contractor or an internal operation providing cleaning services within your own organization you may be considering obtaining a CIMS certification. What does that involve? What are the advantages of being CIMS certified?
What is CIMS Certification?
CIMS stands for "Cleaning Industry Management Standard".

SMO Team Member Of The Month September 2017

Congratulations to Teresa Pangallo, our September Team Member of the Month! Teresa is a supervisor for SMO in Forest City, NC.  She has been with SMO since June, 2016. She was nominated by her Account Manager, Ben Hawkins, who said ‘Teresa always gets excellent inspection scores, has great customer rapport and a great attitude.’  David Murphy, SMO President, added “We are very thankful to have Teresa and her team as part of the SMO family.  She does a great job in leading her team to care about the cleanliness of our customers facilities”.

6 Myths About Green Cleaning - Part 2

In last week's post, 6 Myths About Green Cleaning Part 1,we discussed three of the top six Green Cleaning myths. In this post we will review the other three myths that continue to create misinformation and confusion.
 4.  Green Cleaning Products Are Not As Effective As Non-Green Products
In the early days of the green cleaning industry there was some truth to this statement.

SMO March 2018 Anniversaries

SMO is very blessed to have many long-term team members that help make us an industry leader.  We would like to take a moment to recognize those who will be celebrating a work anniversary in March.  We are very appreciative of your hard work and dedication to SMO and thankful to have you on our team.  Congratulations!

March Anniversaries

Team Member Years
Diana Wilson 22
Maria Vargas 15
Maria Isabel Perez-Perez 10
Yolanda Garcia Lopez 10
Pedro Hernandez 9

SMO March 2018 Birthdays

Its your birthday!  Its your birthday!  We would like to wish the following SMO team members a very happy March birthday.

March Birthdays
Team Member Birthday
Anthony Ratliffe 1
Eudoxia Lara 1
Isham Dunn 1
Kenneth Alford 1
Cheryl Smith 2

6 Myths About Green Cleaning - Part 1

Over the past decade Green Cleaning has grown from a niche service offering into a mature and semi-regulated industry. The use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and procedures is now being adopted on a fairly wide scale. As within any rapidly developing industry there has been an evolution of persistent myths regarding green cleaning. What are some of the more common green cleaning myths?

1.    Our Cleaning Program is Green Because We Use Green Certified Supplies
This is one of the most commonly held misconceptions.

SMO Team Member Of The Month August 2017

Congratulations to Charmaine Rippy, our August 2017 Team Member of the Month! Charmaine is a Site Supervisor in Gastonia for SMO, and has been with us since October of 2015. She was nominated by her Account Manager, who said ‘Charmaine is always on time. She has a good attitude and is very kind and professional with our customers.’

We asked Charmaine what she enjoys most about her job and being part of the SMO team:

Safety Huddle - Lifting Safety

Supreme Maintenance is very serious about the safety and well being of our team members.  Prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that it will be given precedence over operating productivity.  To the greatest degree possible, management will provide all mechanical and physical protection required for personal safety and health, but our team members bear primary responsibility for working safely.  A little common sense and caution can prevent most accidents from occurring.

Our Safety Huddle Program provides routine safety training to team members in the field that reinforce our safety program goals of zero accidents and injuries.

5 Keys to an Effective Custodial Training Program

The establishment of an effective training program is a crucial—but often overlooked—component in the development of a high performance custodial service. As with training in any field that requires specific knowledge and skill sets your custodial training process should utilize the best adult learning principals, keep safety first, and be consistent throughout the organization.    An effective custodial program for your organization will consist of the following key elements:
1.  Tell
In this phase you will be engaging your audience with detailed descriptions of the various components of your custodial program.

SMO University Presents "Tips For Preparing Your Own Tax Return"

SMO University will be presenting a personal enrichment class for SMO team members to help them prepare their own taxes.  Afterwords, Sandra Savageau, CPA from Councilman Farlow Marlowe & Co PLLC will be available to answer SMO team members tax questions for FREE.  See details below:


When: Saturday February 10, 2018 at 10:00 am

3 Keys To An Effective Winter Floor Care Program

Winter weather is in full swing across much of the country and it can be a beast on your floors, especially for VCT.   Snow, slush and ice melt are tracked in on shoes and can make resilient floors dull and lifeless.  If you want to keep your floors looking great throughout the winter it’s important to have a solid winter floor care program in place.  The three tips below can help your keep your facility’s floors looking their best during the winter months.           

1.   Matting
The best way to keep your floors looking there best throughout the harsh winter months is to have a high-performance matting program in place for your facility.

3 Tips for Reducing the Spread of Flu in Your Facility

We are the midst of one of the worst Flu seasons on record.  The CDC recently announced that for the first time since monitoring began 13 years ago, that every part of the continental U.S. showed “widespread” flu activity.  Proactive Facility Managers can take the following steps to help reduce the spread of the flu in their facilities.      

Promote Proper Hand Hygiene
Since germs can be spread by hand from one person to another person or surface proper hand hygiene in your facility is vital. 

The Truth About Outsourcing Janitorial Services

More and more organizations today are considering the benefits of an outsourced janitorial service program.  It seems to be the trend with many facilities but is it right for everyone?  Each individual facility should carefully consider the following when evaluating the outsourcing option.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing janitorial saves money, right?  In most cases yes, but not always.  Janitorial service providers will usually have lower cost but keep in mind they must also make a profit.

SMO February 2018 Anniversaries

SMO is very blessed to have many long-term team members that help make us an industry leader.  We would like to take a moment to recognize those who will be celebrating an anniversary in February.  We are very appreciative of your hard work and dedication to SMO and thankful to have you on our team.  Congratulations!

February Anniversaries 

Team Member Years
Marlene Lash 23
Delfina Vazquez 16
Linda Hanna 12
Azucena Avellaneda 11
Candelaria Zacarias 10
Fernando Valdiviez 8

SMO February 2018 Birthdays

Its your birthday!  Its your birthday!  We would like to wish the following SMO team members a very happy February birthday.

February Birthdays

Team Member Birthday
Cortez Covington 1
Goldline Shelton 1
Yolanda Garcia Lopez 1
Adam Collins 2
Candelaria Zacarias 2
Hilaire Pagnou 2
John Suarez 2

SMO Christmas Celebration 2017

Christmas is always a special time of year at SMO as our team members celebrate the holiday season and this year was even better than ever.  The Christmas celebration started with a new tradition of giving as the SMO management team and office staff donated gifts to the Salvation Army’sAngel Tree Program. 

On December 15th, SMO hosted its annual Turkey Give Away and Share Shop as over 125 team members and guests stopped by the corporate office for fun, food and fellowship.