SMO April 2018 Anniversaries

SMO is very blessed to have many long-term team members that help make us an industry leader.  We would like to take a moment to recognize those who will be celebrating a work anniversary in April.  We are very appreciative of your hard work and dedication to SMO and thankful to have you on our team.  Congratulations!

April Anniversaries

Team Member Years
Etta Tweedy 19
Maximina Cisneros 12
Raul Ortiz Rico 12
Elizabeth Granados Gonzalez 8
James Julian 6
Graciela Garcia Maya 6

SMO Team Members April 2018 Birthdays

Its your birthday!  Its your birthday!  We would like to wish the following SMO team members a very happy April birthday.

April Birthdays

Team Member Birthday
Gennie Pittman 1
Lamont Bennett 1
Antwan Meyers 2
Angelica Chavez Garcia 3
Dominique Woods 3
Allison Martin 4

3 Keys to an Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning Program

One critical aspect of many cleaning services, whether internal operations or Building Service Contractors, is the cleaning of commercial carpeting. Few areas of a facility take as much daily abuse as carpeting. Commercial carpeting typically represents a significant investment. That investment can be protected by adopting effective carpet maintenance procedures. What are some of the components of an effective commercial carpet cleaning program?
A robust program can be broken down into three basic categories:
Routine Maintenance
Routine maintenance will include the following:

Creating an Effective Green Cleaning Policy - Pt. 2

In our last post, Creating an Effective Green Cleaning Policy - Pt. 1, we reviewed the typical goals, roles and responsibilities as contained within many Green Cleaning Policies. In this week's installment we will discuss a few of the more operational aspects of a typical Policy.

Standard Operating Procedures
A typical Policy would contain procedural guidelines for the following:

Creating an Effective Green Cleaning Policy - Pt. 1

Does your cleaning operation have a "Green Cleaning" program? If so, is your green program supported by a Green Cleaning Policy? What are the typical components of such a policy? Green Cleaning Policies may vary a bit across different organizations; however, the most effective policies do share some common components and characteristics. In this article we will review the typical goals, and the description of roles and responsibilities, as contained within many Green Cleaning Policies.

The Advantages of CIMS Certification

In our last post, Is CIMS Right For Your Cleaning Operation, we touched on some of the advantages that a CIMS certification could bring to your cleaning operation. In this post we will provide some additional information and insights on the key advantages of CIMS Certification.

Improved Operational Efficiencies and Client Satisfaction
Whether you are a Building Service Contractor or an internal cleaning operation your ultimate objective is to satisfy your customers.