6 Myths About Green Cleaning - Part 1

Over the past decade Green Cleaning has grown from a niche service offering into a mature and semi-regulated industry. The use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and procedures is now being adopted on a fairly wide scale. As within any rapidly developing industry there has been an evolution of persistent myths regarding green cleaning. What are some of the more common green cleaning myths?

1.    Our Cleaning Program is Green Because We Use Green Certified Supplies
This is one of the most commonly held misconceptions.

The reality is that simply using green certified cleaning products is not enough to qualify your cleaning program as "green". Your use of green certified products must be supported by appropriate green cleaning procedures. Those procedures should also use green cleaning tools such as microfiber cloths, mops and dusters. In so much as it is possible, your cleaning equipment should also be green certified.  A viable green cleaning program consists of green certified supplies and equipment but must also incorporate green cleaning procedures.

2.    All of Our Products Are Green Certified
Do you use disinfectants to clean your restrooms? Did you know that there are currently no registered disinfectants that have been certified as green? If your cleaning program uses disinfectants then all your products are not green certified.  In addition, there are many chemical manufactures that produce green-certified floor stripper and finish products but many of those products may not be effective on high traffic areas due to their lack of zinc and other metals. Removal of those metals means that those green floor maintenance products may not be as durable as their non-green counterparts and may not be effective for your facility.
3.    Green Cleaning is More Costly
Some green certified cleaning products may cost slightly more than their non-green alternatives. The slight cost difference is most commonly seen in restroom paper products. However, the price gap is closing and green certified products are becoming more cost competitive. In addition, when used in conjunction with green cleaning procedures, the amount of green chemicals consumed will be less.  There will also be less waste thereby resulting in an overall supply cost savings.  Green cleaning procedures are more effective and efficient than traditional methods saving you time and labor cost.  When compared to traditional cleaning methods a green cleaning program can have a positive impact on your bottom line while, at the same time, improving the satisfaction, health and productivity of your employees.

Regardless of where you are in development of your green cleaning program, consideration of the above green cleaning myths will help you make decisions that will ensure the long-term success of your program.

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