Safety Huddle - Lifting Safety

Supreme Maintenance is very serious about the safety and well being of our team members.  Prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that it will be given precedence over operating productivity.  To the greatest degree possible, management will provide all mechanical and physical protection required for personal safety and health, but our team members bear primary responsibility for working safely.  A little common sense and caution can prevent most accidents from occurring.

Our Safety Huddle Program provides routine safety training to team members in the field that reinforce our safety program goals of zero accidents and injuries.
Please keep the following in mind when:

Be sure to:
·       Avoid picking up heavy objects that are below knee level
·       Squat down to get as close as you can to the object you are lifting
·       Bend at the hips and knees rather than bending at your waist
·       Tighten your stomach muscles

·       Pull the object close to your body
·       Don’t overstretch!
·       Use a step-stool or ladder if you need it
·       Avoid straining to reach something heavy across a table or other surface
·       Never reach into a full trash can

Be sure to:
·       Bend at the hips and knees, not at the waist
·       Use the whole palm of your hand when gripping heavy objects
·       Stretch regularly, when possible
Always bend slowly

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