6 Myths About Green Cleaning - Part 2

In last week's post, 6 Myths About Green Cleaning Part 1,we discussed three of the top six Green Cleaning myths. In this post we will review the other three myths that continue to create misinformation and confusion.
 4.  Green Cleaning Products Are Not As Effective As Non-Green Products
In the early days of the green cleaning industry there was some truth to this statement.
Some of those early green cleaning products were not as effective as their non-green counterparts. However, over the past decade there have been significant advancements in the development of green cleaning agents. This has included the introduction of hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning agents that have helped revolutionize the green cleaning industry. 
With these ongoing advancements green cleaning products are now just as effective as traditional non-green products. When buying green cleaning products you can be confident that they will work just as well, or better, than their more toxic counterparts.
 5.  It Is Difficult to Verify Whether or Not a Product is Actually "Green"
There are some manufactures that use creative marketing and packaging to imply that their products are "green". Don’t be fooled by marketing ploys that are designed to confuse the buyer. The simplest and most reliable way to ensure that the cleaning products you purchase are indeed "green" is to look for a Green Certified logo such as "Green Seal", "EPA Safer Choice" or the UL "Ecologo". Cleaning products that are truly green will likely contain one of those logos on their packaging. 
To earn one of those green certifications the product manufacturer must submit a complete listing of all ingredients contained within their cleaning product.  The effectiveness of that product is also verified by putting it to several industry-standard cleaning tests. Looking for these certifications will help ensure that you are buying products that are truly green, and, that those products will work.

6.  Green Cleaning is Just a Passing Fad That Will Soon Fade Away
This is one of the oldest green cleaning myths. The reality is that the green cleaning movement is now 25 years old.  The movement started in 1993 when then-President Clinton signed Executive Order # 12873. The signing of that Order initiated the transformation of the cleaning industry by directing all federal agencies to develop plans to begin purchase and use of environmentally friendly products. 
By the early 2000's many cleaning organizations had started introducing products and services that were classified as green. By the beginning of this decade the green cleaning initiative had developed a momentum that would not be turned back. The advantages that green cleaning brings to the workplace, its employees, and to the environment means that it is here to stay.  It is no passing fad.
The separation of green cleaning myths from actual fact will allow you to make informed decisions about your own green cleaning program.

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