The Advantages of CIMS Certification

In our last post, Is CIMS Right For Your Cleaning Operation, we touched on some of the advantages that a CIMS certification could bring to your cleaning operation. In this post we will provide some additional information and insights on the key advantages of CIMS Certification.

Improved Operational Efficiencies and Client Satisfaction
Whether you are a Building Service Contractor or an internal cleaning operation your ultimate objective is to satisfy your customers.
For a BSC, your ability to obtain---and retain---clients is dependent upon your ability to provide cleaning services that consistently meet your customer's expectations. Being able to do that while, at the same time, continually improving your operational efficiencies is probably the overarching goal of your own operation.

Going through the CIMS certification process would demonstrate that you have necessary systems and processes in place that provide the backbone of a high-functioning operation. Being CIMS certified is validation that you have incorporated best practices in the areas of "management commitment", "quality systems", "service delivery", "human resources", "health/safety/environment", and "green building".
The CIMS certification process could take your operation to the next level of excellence.  Improved client satisfaction coupled with improved operational efficiencies could have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Competitive Advantages
Having the CIMS certificate can also bring distinct competitive advantages.  The cleaning industry is becoming increasingly competitive.  Cleaning operations continue to look for ways to gain a competitive advantage.  A CIMS certification can provide a tangible advantage that would help differentiate you from some of your non-certified competitors. With a CIMS certification you can promote the fact that your processes and systems have been subjected to a thorough audit by an independent third party, and, that the results of that audit demonstrate that your operation has achieved exceptional levels of performance.
An increasing number of facility managers are now demanding that their cleaning service providers be CIMS certified.  That trend will likely continue.  Within some segments, being CIMS certified is becoming a prerequisite for bidding on service contracts.
Intangible Advantages
For any cleaning operation---BSC or internal---obtaining a CIMS certificate can result in benefits that are more intangible in nature.  One of those is the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from successful completion of any certification process.  The process itself can result in a collective sense of teamwork that may not have been as prevalent otherwise.  Most organizations benefit from working towards any goal that is related to the achievement of excellence.  Taking your organization through the certification process could result in higher levels of satisfaction for your employees.  Being CIMS certified can also provide a healthier work environment via compliance with the "Green Building" portion of the CIMS Standard.

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